Issy 100WC Week 24

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You all know the story of the Snow White she finds the little cottage and meets the seven dwarfs, the evil stepmother poisons her the with an apple. Sown White is in her pretty little glass coffin with beautiful flowers all around. But you may not know what happens next…

As she lay in her coffin, hands on her heart. Then all of a sudden ‘NEE NEH NEE NEH!’.

“Where’s a prince when you need one!” said the Paramedic “Remove the glass! It’s time for CPR”

Air into her lungs, and then…

“Hah Hah Hah Hah Staying alive staying alive!”

2 Responses to “Issy 100WC Week 24”

  1.   Niamh Says:

    Awesome! I loved the ending! Hah hah hah hah staying alive, staying alive! Classic!


  2.   Fiona (Team 100WC) Says:

    Well done, Issy- I loved your alternative ending to Snow White! I laughed at what the paramedic said- very ironic. Good work.
    Fiona (Team 100WC)


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