Charlie Week 6 100WC

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I am Tim. I am 25. It was the year 2000. I was walking threw a spooky house. SUDDENLY a heard a screem then a I fell on the ground. I could not see anything. Then I woke up but still can not see any thing. “Tim Tim it’s ok” said a voice that sounded like my mum.  “You just, just” said my mum then a sound of crying came. “Bl-bl-blind” then a load more of crying came. “Mum is it you?” I said joining in crying. That was then then it is 2014. I still can’t see. I’m writing without looking probably scribbling. mum has got enought to hire a man to in unblind me. Wait there is some one at the door sorry I’ll be back soon. He got up then smacked his head on the I’m on top of the world poster. Then falling on to the soft red ASDA rug. Then getting up to open the door but holding a drinks bottle.

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  1.   Miss Rogerson Says:

    It starts of as a diary entry but the end reads slightly more like a story- think about this before writing next time.
    Some good techniques used- italics, capitals, speech…

    Well done!
    Miss R


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