Jess Week 6 100WC

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I turned 10 last year and when I was 5 I lost my eye sight in Australia from a kangaroo jumping on me and it hit my bare eye with its foot the kangaroo was called sheila. The night I prayed but no wish came true. When I turned 10 I wished and prayed then suddenly I could see again!!!!!!! then I went back to Australia the kangaroo that made me blind was still there he came up to me and gave me a present and we were friends and they were selling kangeroos so we bought shelia.

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  1.   Miss Rogerson Says:

    I like the sentence ‘The night I prayed…’, however its not often you see a talking kangaroo!

    Well done!
    Miss R


  2.   Marryam Says:

    What a great piece of writing, I loved the fact that you have used the prompt and great punctuation! Even though you used a lot of punctuation you didn’t use the camas in the right place.


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