Toby Week 6 100WC

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It is the year 40000. My name is Bob Hail. I was blind until The Trickster came. He is a humanoid with a shrivelled face and no eyes. He wears a coal black cloak with a black wide hood. On his right handed ring finger he wears a silver long jewelled ring with emeralds on it.

One autumn day I was sitting awkwardly in a crack between two buildings. I heard a rush of wind and a rustle of leaves then I turned and felt a ringed hand press on my shoulder.

“Look at me” a dark, cold voice said.  And suddenly I was able to see.

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  1.   Miss Rogerson Says:

    I thought this was an interesting take on the prompt, Toby! You were able to read back and improve your first draft.

    Well done!
    Miss R


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