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“Hey mum, can I have this book?” I pleaded “Jasmine you can’t take every book from the book fair, put it back” “Ok” I said miserably. “But I can have this book, can’t I?” “Yes” said mum “Go and take it to the desk, here’s some money. I wandered over to the desk, I was […]

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“Come on Naomi” I shouted “before my mum spots we’ve gone”. We were just meant to be going to the corner shop, well we did but we saw a poster for a free hot air balloon ride, so we decided to go and have a look. “How many is there?” muttered the grumpy man. “Two […]

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  My best friend and I had just come out of a sweet shop. We decided to have a peek around the corner at the museum that had shut down years ago. We couldn’t help ourselves to see what it was like, we had never been round there. Slowly we climbed over a wall, we […]