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One dark October afternoon I was in my room reading a horror book, just as I was reading slowly the sky got darker it suddenly did get darker Just then I was starting to think it the book was true.  My Mum and Dad just got back. That night ran back to my bedroom and […]

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It was a wild windy day, it was raining. I was walking in a field full of bright yellow buttercups. Suddenly, from nowhere it stopped raining. I saw a colourful rainbow patterned hot air balloon in the field I ran, got in the hot air balloon. Just then I looked up and I saw a […]

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  My best friend and I were walking through the town to get home and then we saw something in the distance it was a big flower pot with mannequin legs crawling out and they were coming towards us… We ran and ran and ran but it was no use, they were too fast they […]