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I was gazing at each and every book in the book fair. I had come straight from school into the hall and I thought I had only been there for ten minutes but a teacher had just come up to me and told me I had to hurry up, the book fairs closing in five […]

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We floated through the snow white clouds past the graceful birds. We were up there for hours flying past rain, thunder and lightning. We thought we were going to be ok until, the clouds started to go black in front of us. The navigator tried to swerve us off track to avoid it but it […]

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  It was Wednesday afternoon and the sun was beaming down on the beautiful island of Hawaii. The huge Tiki flowerpot sculpture was staring at us. Out of the blue, women in dazzling swimming costumes started to climb the trees around us. I looked up and there were four diving boards. The women got on […]