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What a night! Slowly the sky got darker, I was at the bridge. My house could be seen easily from here. Voices started around me, I started to race for my life. In the distance I could see a shattered bus. Then I screamed ran home and told my mum she cried I spoke its […]

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Looking down, I was surprised to see my mum and my dog, I started to shiver, it was icy up here, then I started to scream. I had a rope attached to my balloon, I risked going down the rope. I went down, I kept shouting help but the rope had ended. So started to […]

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  Today I arrived in Paris, it is beautiful except from a ugly clay pot with legs. In the morning the clay pot moved from it original spot, with blood trickling down the sides. I went to a hotel and booked a room for the night and then got a torch. We looked for it, […]